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Hematite Crystal



  • Handmade, bespoke collar.
  • Hematite crystal beads.
  • 100% vegetable-tanned Italian leather.
  • Lined in same leather.
  • 100% brass buckle.
  • Certified and tested to withstand everyday life.
A handmade, bespoke collar. Our crystals are infused with the intention to bring health and happiness to the wearer and to the giver.
$95.00 - $99.00

Healing Properties

  • Ground and balance the energies of your pet. Help them be centered and calm, strong and secure.
  • Aid in blood circulation, muscle cramps inflammation, fractures and Kennel cough
  • Helps with spine and spinal alignment issues.
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Hematite is a very powerful detoxifying crystal used for protection more than 3000 years. It is referred as The Stone of the Higher Mind as it brings grounding, calmness and stimulation of the mind and enhances memory. Its name comes from the Greek word haima, meaning blood, as it displays a red blood color when crushed.


Hematite is used to keep the blood healthy and to help cure blood and liver related diseases. It is worn as a protection against excessive bleeding.


Increases strength and it helps with back pain, bone and joint related injuries and arthritis.


For vertigo and nausea carry hematite.



Little Venice, Mykonos

Transmute balance and health from the cosmos.


Using the knowledge bestowed upon us by our Greek landscape and heritage, we have created the Healing Touch Collar. We believe that a collar, constantly interacting with your pet, has never been utilized to its full capacity. Our unique collar allows for a synergy of energy and love to constantly surround your beloved pet, offering the ultimate source of calm and care.


All our crystals and gems are hand-picked, and have undergone Usui reiki treatment, which improves the healing qualities and properties of the stones.