Philanthropy is an ancient Greek word, meaning the desire to promote the welfare of others. Prometheus Bound is an ancient Greek tragedy where a semi-god granted humanity the gift of fire.


Giving back to society is in our DNA. The team of the Healing Touch Collar is proud to be part of this heritage.


Our credo has always been “Sharing is Caring” whether this applies to tangible or intangible items.


Through our collaboration with “Fashion Targets Breast Cancer” which was launched in NY City by Ralph Lauren under the leadership of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, FTBC Hellas contributed more than $1M towards women in need for free screening, treatment and education of the disease.


With your purchase of our Healing Touch Collars a percentage is donated to two major causes. Specifically, we support those affected by Breast Cancer via FTBC Hellas and by Prostate Cancer via the Pan-Hellenic organization for Cancer.

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    Collars Sizing Chart

    SizeLengthSample Breeds
    Extra small6.5-8.5 x 0.6 in (16-21 x 1,5 cm)Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier
    Small10-13 x 0.7 in (25-32 x 1,7 cm)Pomeranian, Shitzu, Jack Russel Terrier
    Small/Wide10-13 x 1 in (25-32 x 2,5 cm)Pomeranian, Shitzu, Jack Russel Terrier
    Medium11.5-15 x 1.2 in (29,5-38 x 3 cm)Schnauzer, Border Collie, Greyhound
    Large15-18.5 x 1.2 in (38-47 x 3 cm)German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever, Basset Hound

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