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Our crystals come in direct contact with your dog’s body


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Flow of good energy


The Earth offers immense energy to all living things. If this life force is blocked or deficient we are prone to illness, stress and disease. When it is free- flowing and abundant, we experience optimal health. This applies to all of us, including our beloved pets!


Throughout the course of history it is believed that since crystals and gemstones form through geological processes, they can carry healing properties.


The healing touch collar was proudly created based solidly on the beneficial energies of crystals



Little Venice, Mykonos, Greece

Transmute balance and health from the cosmos.


Using the knowledge bestowed upon us by our Greek landscape and heritage, we have created the Healing Touch Collar. We believe that a collar, constantly interacting with your pet, has never been utilized to its full capacity. Our unique collar allows for a synergy of energy and love to constantly surround your beloved pet, offering the ultimate source of calm and care.


All our crystals and gems are hand-picked, and have undergone Usui reiki treatment, which improves the healing qualities and properties of the stones.

Pearl Gemstone

Pearls are gemstones and radiate subtle energy that heals the body. They are believed to be traditionally the symbol of purity and innocence.


Formed in shellfish, as a natural defense against irritants, pearls are created to counteract, protect and nurture the wearer from health disorders.


Pearls treat colds and allergies and help heal stomach illnesses and digestion. They lessen stress ailments such as hypertension and are a great antidote to memory loss.


When worn directly on the skin they may alleviate chronic migraines and headaches.


Real pearls will never be perfectly matched since no two pearls are identical in nature.

Amber Crystal

Amber in Ancient Greek means “beaming sun”, because of its color and because of its warmth when you rub it against your skin. Amber is fossilized tree resin.


The first information about the healing properties of Amber was by Hippocrates (460-377 BC), the first doctor of the Ancient world. He prescribed it for ailments of throat, neck, head, eye, ear, lungs and allergies.


Amber has the ability to produce negative ions that affect the body by easing pain, and activating the healing process.


It has a soothing effect on the wearer and it helps with skin diseases. Being a natural purifier, it helps compensate for energy drain in the body and brain, boosts concentration and reflexes and reduces stress. It releases negative ions and clears diseases.

Hematite Crystal

Hematite is a very powerful detoxifying crystal used for protection more than 3000 years. It is referred as The Stone of the Higher Mind as it brings grounding, calmness and stimulation of the mind and enhances memory.


Its name comes from the Greek word haima, meaning blood, as it displays a red blood color when crushed.


Hematite is used to keep the blood healthy and to help cure blood and liver related diseases. It is worn as a protection against excessive bleeding.


Increases strength and it helps with back pain, bone and joint related injuries and arthritis.


For vertigo and nausea carry hematite.


Inspired by their own love and use of healing crystals the team came together to produce the Healing Touch Collar.


We understand the paramount importance of the benefits which are derived from nature, and wish to pass this on to every living creature in our life.


The Healing Touch Collar is hand-crafted by highly experienced Grecian women and men, who truly believe in keeping alive the prestige of a small, traditional workshop.


Philanthropy is an ancient Greek word, meaning the desire to promote the welfare of others. Giving back to society is in our DNA, been volunteers for various charities over the last twenty years.


With your purchase of our Healing Touch Collars, a percentage is donated to two major causes. Specifically, we support those affected by breast cancer via FTBC Hellas and by prostate cancer via the Pan-Hellenic Organization for Cancer.

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    Collars Sizing Chart

    SizeLengthSample Breeds
    Extra small6.5-8.5 x 0.6 in (16-21 x 1,5 cm)Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier
    Small10-13 x 0.7 in (25-32 x 1,7 cm)Pomeranian, Shitzu, Jack Russel Terrier
    Small/Wide10-13 x 1 in (25-32 x 2,5 cm)Pomeranian, Shitzu, Jack Russel Terrier
    Medium11.5-15 x 1.2 in (29,5-38 x 3 cm)Schnauzer, Border Collie, Greyhound
    Large15-18.5 x 1.2 in (38-47 x 3 cm)German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever, Basset Hound

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