Crystals and Gems

Most of us think that crystals are only to be used on meditation and/or other esoteric practices but this is not the case.

Laser technology, which allows us to have everything from advanced surgical equipment to cd players and barcodes, all is derived from crystal technology. (1)

Furthermore, techniques such as scanning tunneling microscopy are only possible on surfaces of single crystals. In superconductivity there have been cases of materials where superconductivity is only seen in single crystalline specimen. They may be grown for this purpose, even when the material is otherwise only needed in polycrystalline form. (2)

A gem can be a crystal whereas a crystal will not always be a gem. Gems can have mineral bases such as ruby or diamond and an organic base such as amber.
Crystals are solids that have atoms, ions and molecules fixed in a regular order, which extend in three dimensions. Crystals can also be defined as objects that have well-defined geometric shapes. (3)

Gem is also known as gemstone that can be precious or semi-precious. The precious gems include diamond, sapphire, ruby, and emerald and all other gems are considered to be semi-precious.

Gems can be classified according to the chemical composition gemstone and the crystal structure. Crystals are mainly classified as cubic, hexagonal, tetragonal, orthorhombic, monoclinic and rhombohedra.

Crystals form naturally in the earth whenever conditions allow.

Depending on the conditions or pressure and temperature at which the crystal was formed and the nature of the liquids and gases from which it was born, the crystal may end up as any one of a huge variety of different types. It can stay like this for millions of years or it can change and become a different type of crystal if other conditions arise.

However, the crystalline atomic structure of both crystals and gems always remain the same.

So the size of the crystal or gem that you acquire does not matter. Like a loaf of bread, a small piece contains the same ingredients as the entire loaf. The healing properties of the crystal or gem are the same whether it is a small or big piece.

Stones can be worn or carried in a pocket or you could have the essence of them in a bottle.

What is an essence of a crystal or gem?

As in the sun method which is also used for flower essences, the sun’s rays are used to potentate the healing energies of the crystal and transfer them into the water which becomes the basis for the liquid remedy (essence).
This liquid remedy contains none of the material substance of the stone; essences are pure energy.

Crystals are effective, easily available and generally inexpensive and anyone can learn to use them.

The ancient civilizations had ample use of them and venerated them. From the Eber Papyrus, dating from 1600Bc in Egypt, to the Theophrastus work “On Stones” 287Bc, in ancient Greece, to the Pliny the Elder in Rome 23AD, to Dioscorides in his book “On Medicines” in Rome 50AD, all enumerate and examine the properties of crystals and gems and their therapeutic capabilities.

Ftbc.club has chosen pearl as a gem, and amber and hematite as crystals to create our Healing Touch Collars and you can find each individual crystal’s attributes in our website. www.ftbc.club

When crystals and gems are rubbed in your hand – one of many methods of charging them – you may be able to feel their energy in your palm. Energy can feel like a pulse or a tingling sensation, like a small electric current. Even people who are very skeptical about crystals are often amazed when they witness this.

The Healing Touch Collar allows the energies of the above-mentioned gems and crystals to be emitted on the body of the animal simply by wearing them.

Let’s use one of nature’s most ancient gifts in the healing of our beloved animals.

We want them to live happier and more healthier lives.

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    Collars Sizing Chart

    SizeLengthSample Breeds
    Extra small6.5-8.5 x 0.6 in (16-21 x 1,5 cm)Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier
    Small10-13 x 0.7 in (25-32 x 1,7 cm)Pomeranian, Shitzu, Jack Russel Terrier
    Small/Wide10-13 x 1 in (25-32 x 2,5 cm)Pomeranian, Shitzu, Jack Russel Terrier
    Medium11.5-15 x 1.2 in (29,5-38 x 3 cm)Schnauzer, Border Collie, Greyhound
    Large15-18.5 x 1.2 in (38-47 x 3 cm)German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever, Basset Hound

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