Amber – the Natural Healing Remedy

Amber was possibly the world’s first traded gemstone from Ancient times. Amber when rubbed with a cloth becomes electrically charged and for that it was considered by prophets, like Ezekiel, as a gift from God. (1)

As more and more people are reaching out for natural healing and pain relief the use of Amber as natural remedy has increased since it stood the test of time. (2)

Amber is hardened resin of pine trees. This organic matter is well known for the inclusions of insects and plants that can be found in it. Amber has been used for jewelry over 10,000 years. (3)

Fossil Amber (Flickr)

Amber’s most common colors are yellow, orange and brown. It also has a wide range of transparency. (4)

When they are inclusions of insects or small animals but not of plant materials, the price of the amber hikes up.

Bumble Bee in Amber (bijoux-et-mineraux.tumblr.com)

Amber is sensitive to acids and can be ignited by a match, smelling like incense. (5)

The Healing properties of amber for humans and animals are many. Amber contains succinic acid, a natural analgesic, therefore, highly effective for controlling pain associated with rheumatism, arthritis, muscles and joints.

Amber is used for depression and it is great for anxiety and headaches. It is known for stimulating the intellect and since it is a natural purifier, it absorbs the negative or stagnant energies and transforms them into positive energies to heal body and spirit.

For our animals Amber’s Healing properties are listed below when they wear The Healing Touch Collar.

  • Help with upper respiratory ailments, disorders of the throat, and help with allergies and skin diseases.
  • Help with pain relief and reduce anger and tension.
  • Aid in pancreas, liver, gallbladder, ovaries, and intestinal problems.

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